What is Operation Change?

OPERATION CHANGE is a movement designed to inspire others to take action to help make the world a better place. It has garnered support from some of the world’s most powerful celebrities, influential leaders and like-minded charities.

What is the Operation Change The Series?

The work of OPERATION CHANGE served as the foundation for a 10-part documentary series. In the series, Team Operation Change traveled the world to bring hope to people and communities with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

What can I do on the website?

Hear the stories of the lives that are touched and see the power of people coming together. Watch all 10 commercial-free OPERATION CHANGE episodes, view exclusive clips, and find out how you can get involved in your local community with our volunteer search engine. You can also make your personal pledge to share with friends via social media.

How do I get my OPERATION CHANGE Passport?

By getting an OPERATION CHANGE Passport, you will automatically earn points when consuming content. Getting your Passport is easy! You can either create an Operation Change account using your email address or sign in via Facebook, Instagram or Google+. To get started, simply click on the Log In link in the upper right-hand corner.

How do I earn points?

OPERATION CHANGE Passport holders will automatically receive points for watching video content on the website when logged in.

What do I use my points for?

Your points will be tracked, so you can view your progress and status throughout the site – and share with your friends! Check your current points by clicking ‘My Profile’ on the homepage.

How can I get involved?

The goal of OPERATION CHANGE is to inspire others to take action in an effort to help make the world a better place. Sharing Operation Change videos with friends, volunteering with a charity in your own community or engaging in a random act of kindness are all examples of ways to get involved. You don’t have to travel the world to make a difference. A single caring gesture can have a positive impact beyond measure.

Are you on social media?

If you’re inspired by OPERATION CHANGE, we want to know about it! Connect with us via social media, and tag your photos with #starkeycares.

Facebook (Operation Change): https://www.facebook.com/operationchng
Twitter (@operationchange): https://twitter.com/operationchange
Instagram (#operationchange): http://instagram.com/operationchange

We thank you for your support and positive contributions to the world around you!

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

More questions? No problem. Send us an email info@}operationchange.com.

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